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Dear all, I would like to speak about the set up of the necessary enterprise structure for Procurement after the Business Blueprint has been finalized. In this phase we design company, client, plant, storage location,

Dear all, here I will walk through step-by-step creation process of master conditions with the help of Contract Business Object. The Master conditions are time dependent conditions where contract exist for a long period of

I was working on the SRM Business Suite and recently my team has shifted its focus into S4Hana. My team is ramping up and excited to be working on S4Hana and here is my first

Hi all, In this blog I would like to speak about the procurement processes and scenarios that exist in Supply Chain Management. Procurement means purchasing goods and services internally or externally from a vendor. Let

Hi all, Long time no see. Been on a hiatus from blogging as personal life needed all the attention. I’m finally back and this time with a functional blog as opposed to technical blogs. I

Hi all, Welcome to the second blog in this two part series on maintenance view clusters. In the previous post we created the database tables and the maintenance views on the database tables. Now let

Hi all, Let us look at how to create a maintenance view cluster in a hierarchy model. Here is the view cluster. Click on New Entries and create an entry, lead select that entry and

Hi all, Here is an example webdynpro application where we can enable a textbox also hide a text box based on the radio button selection action. This is what we are learning to do in

I am currently working on a requirement where I have to add a DropDownbyKey to the webdynpro Layout and have it display a set of values along with one default value to be set up

I spoke to a friend recently who had just given an interview in SAP technologies. Interview went pretty well and she was asked some regular questions and some extremely tricky ones. She was able to