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Introduction I see the questions asking about where to find the primary tag for process integration how to follow the tag how to see the questions for particular tag I want to show how to

Introduction The requirement is create a zip file in the target server but we need to create same file name in inside the zip file we are creating. File adapter we can only set the

Introduction The requirement is to read the file using file content conversion, the flat file header and footer contains key field and detail does not contain key field using sender file adapter as mentioned in

Introduction The requirement is to pick the files from dynamic directory using sender file adapter as mentioned in below question Move Folders containing multiple file with File adapter I want to show how we can

Introduction Sometimes there is a requirement to send the synchronous response immediately without waiting to process the message in receiver side like this question SOAP to IDOC scenario in PI 7.31 ICO (send message id

Introduction We always need to troubleshoot incoming requests into PI, some times before coming to application the call failed and these requests we unable to see in our message monitoring or default trace logs. For

Introduction There is a common requirement to write user defined functions in the message mapping for string functions, normally we write our own functions when we get the requirement, instead of writing our own functions

Introduction The requirement is to archive the files to multiple folders when we pick up the files from multiple folders using sender FILE adapter or SFTP adapter as posted in this discussion Archive multiple files

Introduction The common requirement is to send email confirmation after successful delivery of the file to the receiver, i see this question asked so many times in SCN example discussion com.sap.aii.utilxi.misc.api.BaseRuntimeException; Content is not allowed

Introduction When you create one file using append mode option in receiver file adapter with multiple messages which contains header and line items, the requirement is to create only one header instead of multiple headers