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Hello,   GRC Notification subject Line can be customized as per need attaching an example. Go to Tcode SE16 Look for Table GRFNVNOTIFYMSG This table contains the information about notification messages Such as Message Class

Creation and Managing of Risks using workflow in Access Control: Take an example : You have to configure Workflow for Risk Management in Access Control. The requirement is process flow is : see the diagram.

Take a scenario: Where you have a requirement for 1) User Authentication data source is LDAP 2) User Details Data source is HR(for Manager) 3) SAP User ID is stored in physical attribute in LDAP.

If you have a situation where you need approval of Manager’s Manager. like we have scenario for normal role and critical role. when  we have workflow for request type New/Change account for assignment of role.

Some time we get requirement to define initiator for   Manager & Role Owner are same Requester and Role owner same   In these scenario we normally keep single level of approval,again this is not

How to login to end user logon using employee id If you Network logon and sap logon ids are different

go to spro>grc>access control>> workflow for access control. click define workflow related MSMP rule. select process id and fill details as per below screenshot as per your naming convention use BRF+flat rule for line item.