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What is ‘machine learning in leads’ scenario? Machine learning is used in Lead Intelligence scenario. Using it, the scores for open leads are calculated and displayed to users along with several other pieces of information

Introduction This document is additional information to be used when an implementation has the integration scenario of SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer(C4C) with SAP Cloud Process Integration service(CPI) and S/4Hana(S4H) or SOH on SAP Hana

NW FM features/enhancements developed in NW 740 only GOS  link enabling for RM objects All BORs linked to case to be available as GOS links also so navigation to BOR & from BOR( BOR will

Archiving of cases is relatively not much known topic. Typically, archiving strategy should be planned along with the implementation itself but does not get that much attention at that point of item. Typically, after 2-3

Side Panel is a UI feature provided for SAPGUI applications. This provides additional data about various important fields displayed on the screen in a collapsable section on the right hand side of the screen. So

Introduction This document details the BW relevant units available in SAP Folder Management(formerly known as SAP Records Management(RM) )for retrieving data from RM for use. The document assumes rudimentary knowledge about Business Warehouse, knowledge about

SAP Records Management (RM) is a content integration solution for managing the content spread across varied systems & provides process management capabilities to manage business processes. It is shipped in Netweaver stack & is separately