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SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) and SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C) analytics integration has been tightened further. If you have an SAC report it can be viewed in C4C as a live report. You can

An SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) story URL is comprised of the following parts: https://<a>/sap/fpa/ui/tenants/<b>/bo/story/<c>?<d> Each of the component is described below : a – SAC tenant URL b – Tenant name in lower case c –

1708 release is almost there. Below is a quick list of Analytics features that are added in this release. Adjust and Personalize Table Column The way data is shown in Analytics table has a standard

You must have seen following fields on selection screen of standard reports and wondered how do I get these in my reports. Many SAP standard reports like Opportunity Analysis has key figures where concurrency conversion

1705 brings enhances usability and availability of C4C analytics. Now you can access your reports anytime, anywhere right on your mobile. Mobile analytics are carefully designed to ensure that you have all features that you

SAP Hybris C4C Analytics provide an awesome feature with the help of which one can navigate from one report to the other. E.g. While Analyzing Forecast by Employee, manager wants to looks at last year’s

Custom Logic Marketing Attributes addition is now enabled for custom logic. Customer can write custom logic on ‘Add’ button and thus can have conditions like EMEA team can only see EMEA related attribute sets while

Now you can manage your Sales Forecasts on the run even in RUI. Forecast tile is available for both Sales manager as well as Sales Rep. You can click on the tile to create and

Apart from RUI enhancements, we carried out following enhancements in C4C Analytics in 1702.   For details on RUI Analytics enhancements please click here.   Download Options You can now download C4C report in a PDF

In 1702 we brought a number of enhancements in Responsive UI (RUI) Analytics. I would say now we have almost everything which an end-user needs for day-to-day analysis. We are at par with HTML UI