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Two trace options exist in BRFplus: Lean trace and technical trace. The lean trace provides detailed information of all steps of rule processing. It requires versioning to be on and is ideal for scenarios where

Whilst digging around on an internal portal i came across transaction FDT_HELPERS which is an all in one BRFplus transaction that allows you to access various BRFplus transactions and reports in one place. I thought

With anticipation increasing for the upcoming release of PI 7.3, i thought i would blog about how much simpler and quicker it is now to get up and running with a java only installation of PI

3)      In ABAP go to PFCG >Utilities>Mass Generation and generate All Roles5)      When the consistency check is complete, stay in the UME and create a custom role xi_af_sld_register add the action xi_af_sld_register to the role