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I normally write about technical features around SAP Cloud Platform, the Portal service and other SAP topics however in this case I thought I would write about my experiences around GIT and how much I

A new feature was delivered recently in the SAP Cloud Platform Neo environment related to the order in which applications appear on the Fiori Launchpad – within the Group they have been set up in.

It has been a while since my last blog post so thought I would write a really small one to get back into the groove 😊. While a pretty simple option, it is a nice

A number of new features were introduced recently relating to the SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication Service (or SCPIA) – specifically in the area of User Management. Will get the Admin out of the way:

Recently I produced a blog detailing the new portal feature offering a Site Preview option where different Roles could be selected. You can check this out HERE. This blog detailed the ability to test security

I have come across a lot of blogs and documentation about enabling the SAP JAM service in SAP Cloud Platform trial environments but I have not seen a lot written about setting up a LIVE

On the 20th July a number of new features for administrators, developers and end users were released by SAP for the Cloud Platform Portal. The feature I am covering in this blog is the Previewing

Some months ago I performed an upgrade of the SAP Cloud Connector for the Linux OS. This worked very well and was a simple process overall. Check out my previous blog here. I am now

With the recent update of the SAP Cloud Connector application I thought it would be good to carry out the upgrade process from an old version to the new version. New functionality has been delivered