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There was a business requirement in one of the latest projects I have been involved with to create and utilise a cloud domain rather than providing users with links that don’t really mean anything. This

I wrote this piece as I am inspired by the recent announcements around the inclusion of ABAP in SAP Cloud Platform. I specifically read this blog -> https://blogs.sap.com/2018/09/04/sap-cloud-platform-abap-environment/ as well as the announcements out of

I recently completed the SAP Leonardo openSAP course that covers enablement of the Intelligent Enterprise. There have been a few courses offered in this format and I have to say that some courses really lend

I wrote this last year on Linkedin but I thought I would share with the SAP Community as I believe more and more that design is the key to developing business applications successfully. It’s not

Over the last month or so I devoted my time on the Analytics with SAP Cloud Platform openSAP course and overall it was a really good experience. Again, like so many other openSAP courses that I

There have been a number of occasions on projects where I have not had access to the UI Theme Designer and have received an error message stating that I was unauthorised. My colleagues would also

***UPDATED: 23rd June 2018: Connectivity IP Address update now scheduled for 30 June between 15:00 and 19:00 UTC. In Australia this will take place on Sunday 1st July at 1am AEST. There is still scheduled maintenance

I normally write about technical features around SAP Cloud Platform, the Portal service and other SAP topics however in this case I thought I would write about my experiences around GIT and how much I

A new feature was delivered recently in the SAP Cloud Platform Neo environment related to the order in which applications appear on the Fiori Launchpad – within the Group they have been set up in.