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Have you heard of these? More likely about the first one than the second. Here are the definitions: Parkinson’s Law: „Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” Hofstadter’s Law: „It

Earlier this year I attended a conference about Agile methods in Budapest that was a great opportunity to meet Lean and Agile-minded people and hear about lots of interesting and useful concepts. Clearly the biggest

Recently we had a Kanban info session with my team and it was great. In order to make this Kanban thing look less of a disruptive and crazy idea for our team, I asked colleagues

Thanks to the “d-shop” maker space within SAP Labs Hungary, I’ve had the opportunity lately to experiment with a 3D printer, and here I’d like to share my first experiences about it with you. I

In this tutorial, my intention is to introduce the SAP Mobile Platform SDK for Android, Harmonized OData API online store concept to you with a code snippet altogether 31 lines long. You can call it

A global innovation event series started last year within the SAP Labs network called PLUGin. The purpose is that SAP engineers gather together regularly and completely informally to share their experiences and show their results

Are you getting strange error messages after configuring an UWL connector? Are Worklist items not displayed? Do you have problems with UWL’s behavior after modifying the configuration XML file? Such frequently arising questions led us

Recently there’s been more and more activities out there regarding why and how to use the LAMP stack connected to enterprise business applications. As I just read two articles (this one and this one) concerning