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Here is a list of cut-over tasks that should be considered during go-live. Please contribute: 1. Number Ranges (manual activity, or manually created transports) Measurement points Measurement documents Equipment masters Maintenance plans Maintenance items Task

The table below shows a generic master data load sequence. Please contribute. Master data Where used Finance data: chart of accounts, g/l accounts cost centres, profit centres, activity types, settlement, etc. Most master data objects

Here is a list of 3rd party companies that provide alternative printing options. Please contribute. Seal Systems: Document Output Management Prometheus Group: Print Manager Adobe: OpenText: PrinterOn: Snatcher Print Manager

If your PC has a local SAP GUI installed on the machine, then the chances are that the SAPLogon.ini file will be found in the C:\Windows directory. This file determines which systems are available in

SAP Help This document explains how the user can adjust the table control settings to allow them to view the most important fields for their business requirements. The image below show the Operation Overview tab

Please contribute. Transaction Description Program /ISDFPS/CPMGOS1 Activate Gen. Obj. Srvc “Chg Auth.” /ISDFPS/PM_CP_INSTALL_GOS /ISDFPS/DISP_EQU_SIT Display Equipment Level /ISDFPS/DISPLAY_EQUI_SIT /ISDFPS/IL07R Multi-Level Reference Location List RIIRLO30 /ISDFPS/IL21 Extended Equip. History (Hierarchy) /ISDFPS/RIIFLO15 /ISDFPS/OIUO Multi-Level R.P. List: Ref.

Please contribute: Documentation: There is an excellent PDF document for RRB that you can download from SAPSERVE (see OSS Note 301117). Tips & Tricks: Check your DIP Profile consistency via TCode ODP2 or ODP2A (later

Please contribute. Legacy System Migration Workbench TCode: LSMW CATTs TCode: SCAT, SECAT PM Upload/Download TCode: IBIP SAP Help See OSS Note 583698 and 38300 for details SAP GUI Scripting TCode: N/A Microsoft Visual Basic You

The following information is taken from OSS Note 45433 ————————————————– Customising influences the behaviour of scheduling of the Order. See the following IMG menu path: Plant Maintenance ->Maintenance Order Management ->PM Orders and service Orders

Please contribute. How to find tables in SAP: Select the required field Press F1 for help Press F9 for technical information Double-click on the data element field Double-click on the domain field (provided it isn’t