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I’ve been testing the SAPExecuteMethod PlanDataSave functionality in VBA, and it seems to differ from the Analysis Save button. If I edit a restricted key figure, at various time periods, so that they’re inconsistent, as

It doesn’t make sense, I suppose, to move a single attribute from Rows to Columns (leaving the rest of the dimension, and it’s attributes, on Rows), but Analysis let’s you attempt the operation, spends some

I’m not sure when this became available, but it’s definitely available in Analysis for Office 1.4 SP4… The SAPExecuteCommand API function now accepts a parameter value of ShowPrompts that displays the prompts dialog for a

The Analysis API function SAPMoveDimenison is reasonably well documented, but there are some subtleties around adding and removing dimensions. It is possible to add a dimension that is available in the DataSource, to ROWS, COLUMNS

You can use Analysis API functions to pause the variable submission, so you can make numerous changes before Analysis will “submit” the changes. The documentation states that: When PauseVariableSubmit is in mode “On”, all Analysis

In my last article, I explained how we can get the version of Analysis by using the Scripting.FileSystemObject, and provided a VBA function for returning the Analysis version. However, the version returned, for Analysis 1.4

Analysis versions are changing frequently, and each new version brings new fixes and features. If you’re using/relying on certain functionality in your workbooks, you might need to check the Analysis version before processing. The VBA

If you call Analysis function “SAPGetProperty” with any of the documented parameters (except “LastError”), while there aren’t any Workbooks open, Analysis encounters an unhandled exception. It doesn’t seem to matter if you provide any additional

Analysis lets users define custom Number Formats on individual measures, but there doesn’t seem to be a way of reverting a measure (or the entire Crosstab/DataSource) to use Number Formats defined by the Query. The

It’s possible to define Number Formats for key-figures in the query design, but users can also override the number formats on measures within Analysis. That means a user can end up with a Crosstab that