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Pavan Bhamidipati

Hi fellow SCN members After going through some discussions in different spaces, I felt that still users feel hard to navigate to their favorite SPACES 🙂 so called FORUM in Old SCN ℹ and even

1.       What is this all about? I found some interesting facts behind the workflow event mechanism. Why should an open SQL statement “COMMIT WORK” should be defined/included after event is raised through ABAP program or

        After a long gap, I could find time, a good mood to write an article and submit. Recently when I was going through the posts of SAP Workflow forums, I found lot of similar

        The inspiration for this blog is a Re: Trigger workflow from Email (lotus or Outlook) which made me to think that is it possible to do some thing like, if a mail is sent

Case:              I came across a requirement, where I need to read the work item container, which had a combination of complex and simple container element types. Initially, when I started, I felt this could

What is this blog about?     This blog is all about, using step specific tab page for work item display, which is available for Activity and Decision Steps of workflow. The main focus of the