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Many implementations are not exploring a full potential of the standard functionality within PS reporting.  In this short post I will discuss one of such functionalities that is very useful for any project manager and can

1. The Problem. The problem was mentioned by SAP long time ago in the note 41712.  At the moment it does not look relevant for CN22, but the described system behavior matches to CJ20N.  Please

JVA module is a common functionality for virtually any Upstream Oil&Gas company. In this post I will share a simple tip on the JV Equity Group that helps to avoid a default value coming from

When you are working in the Project Systems (PS) module, the identification and numbering of the PS master data is important.  Unlike virtually all other modules in ERP, the master data in PS can be

The purpose of this blog post is to compare two most common architectures for the extended project management based on SAP PS data. Naturally SAP PS has a number of functional limitations. To cover these

Easy Cost Planning (or simply ECP) represents one of the planning methods available in SAP PS module.  In reality ECP is a cross-functional environment being also available for other objects outside of PS module.  It

Business Case: In the time reporting process with CATS quite often the account assignment object is a PM Work Order.  It is a typical PS/PM integration scenario when PM work orders are assigned either to

     Results analysis (RA) was developed for companies with long-term projects/orders. Normally projects/orders are regarded as long-term if it takes more than one year to complete.  For controlling requirements or for balance sheet purposes (refer

This is a small tip about how to improve a user interface within PS Info System. Everyone who ever run PS standard reports remembers a pop-up window to select a PS Info Profile.  There is

The objective of this post is to introduce beginners to the functionality of Status Selection Profiles.  It is used as additional filter within SAP PS reporting and in some functional transactions too. Consider activiating Dynamic Selection option