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With a global R&D footprint spanning 20 SAP Labs locations in 17 countries, SAP can attract the best talent and support the digitalization of its customer base like never before. Organizations are often compared to organisms,

Water is the basis of all life and has been called the “soul of the earth.” Societies have always seen it as their duty to manage water carefully and economically for the benefit and safety

Russia’s Lukoil Group, one of the world’s largest oil extraction, exploration, production and refinement companies, is an early technology adopter piloting a new Internet of Things (IoT) solution that examines and monitors worker health. Lukoil

Two software developers are combining their interests in drones and horseback riding to create IoT solutions for agribusinesses worldwide. Cattle farming has evolved since the 1800’s when cowboys drove cattle along the open ranges of

Ling Zhou is sitting quietly, focused only on his opponent’s next move in Shogi, a Japanese chess game stemming from the 6th century. “Shogi trains my brain,” Ling says, referring to the almost superhuman patience

“GST”: Three letters that spell dramatic change for India and for every company part of a supply chain in the world’s seventh largest economy. They say that nothing is sure in life except death and

Out of necessity and opportunity, China and Germany are crossing their national champions to create a new species of innovation. Recently in Shanghai, a colleague surprised me with an after-work feast of crab dumplings. He

Marvin Qian cannot influence the pace of modern life in China, but a centuries-old tradition is helping him adapt. Shanghai. Symbol and focal point for China’s rapid ascent to global economic powerhouse. The hustle and

SAP’s newly appointed chief information officer, Thomas Saueressig, talks to SAP News about his bold plans to drive the digital transformation of SAP. With the appointment of Thomas Saueressig to chief information officer (CIO), SAP

Sumeet Shetty’s passion for reading and collecting books has fueled his curiosity, opened his mind to new opportunities, and helped him find his role as a catalyst and change agent. Sumeet Shetty’s tryst with books