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This post originally appeared in my company’s weekly newsletter, Retail Paradox Weekly. It was written by my partner Brian Kilcourse, and I think you’ll enjoy it very much. If you have questions or comments for

This piece originally appeared on Forbes.com on December 2.  Nothing has happened to change my point of view.  I still think we’re going to see a markdown bloodbath on or about December 17, and post-holiday. 

This post originally appeared in Forbes.  I am posting it here for my friends at SAP to see. Hard to believe, but QVC is about to turn twenty-seven years old.  Its first broadcast aired on

Privacy remains a hotly debated topic.  For example, the secrets revealed about the US government’s NSA activities have created a firestorm for some, and a shrug from others, as in “Why are you surprised?”  While

Hi all…I originally posted this elsewhere, but received a suggestion I re-post it here. Also, please note I was unaware at the time of the original post that Square also has a hands-free, card-free option. 

Hi all… This piece was original published on my blog in Forbes, but by request, I am re-posting it here. It’s important to understand, I think, if you want to understand the state of the

I’m writing this as a follow-up to the webinar I presented to SAP Mentors on April 17.  A lot of people wanted to understand “what happened” to JC Penney.  How did something that seemed so

Hi everybody, and a belated Happy New Year! I know a lot has been written about NRF’s annual Big Show this past January, but I thought I’d add a little more color and flavor.  First

Several weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend SAP’s Tech Ed event in Madrid, which was co-located with Sapphire. I was introduced to some interesting people and concepts, and thought it worthwhile to discuss