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Predictive Analytics Last Thursday I have been on panel with Admiral Poindexter on the Future of Analytics by invitation of TiE in North Carolina. TiE is the world’s largest non-profit technology entrepreneurship association.   Manny

Businesses rely no less on electricity than on IT. Yet corporations don’t need a “Chief Electricity Officer” and a staff of highly trained professionals to manage and integrate electricity into their businesses.  Does the historical

SAP Sponsored Academic Research Conference at CHM highlighted the latest in academia-led innovation On August 21, the SAP Office of the Chief Scientist hosted the third annual SAP Academic Research Conference in Silicon Valley. At

Data Management in the Cloud: Parallel DBs are faster than Google’s MapReduce There isn’t a conference or blog where people aren’t enthusiastic about cloud computing. John Ousterhout, a seasoned computer science veteran (UC Berkeley, Sun,

IT Does Matter! IT is the main contributor to the competitive edge of IT-intensive companies. Actually IT correlates with competiveness more than R&D spending (innovation).   Prof Erik Brynjolfsson of MIT Sloan School and Prof

I have been recently at an IT conference at Penn State University when during a panel discussion on new IT technologies a very lively dispute between Jorge Lopez (Gartner) and Amy Wohl (Consultant) about the