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As we know, SAP will not be happy until every one of their customers have moved to S/4 HANA, preferably in the cloud. The PR people keep saying that S/4 HANA is being adopted faster

There have been a heap of blogs about SAP TechEd Barcelona on the SCN but I thought I would add my two bobs worth. Day 0 I did not arrive until mid-afternoon on the Monday,

On Saturday 23rd of June 2018 it was time for SAP Inside Track in Rome. Once again I was lucky enough to have been invited to speak, and I will write a blog about the

On 09/06/2016 the SAP Inside Track event occurred in Hamburg and it was an absolute corker, just as high in quality as what you would get in SAPPHIRE or some such. Naturally I feel a

This fine day I have been talking to the inventor of abapGit and discussing how to fix bugs on an open source project. With your own Z code it is of course really easy to

This was the last week of a course about Unit Testing and Test Driven Development which has caused all-out war in the ABAP world as people fight to the death to defend or attack the

Unit Testing and TDD? Magic Bullet or Utter Waste of Time? Love it or hate it, this course has got people talking, and each week as the complexity meter approaches “critical” the emotional opinions just

The claim is that nobody ever does Test Driven Development in real ABAP life so I have volunteered to give it a go in my day job. Unbreakable I have never ever done TDD outside

At this stage people were always going to either love or hate the idea of unit testing. As the course progresses the subject matter gets more complicated and thus more and more divisive. This week’s

SAP have contacted to me to say that they keep getting questions from people who have taken the below blog post seriously. The problem is if I post a clarification saying it is just an