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Introduction   In this, the sixth blog in a 73-part series (‘The Overworked Workflow Administrator’), I hope to definitively answer the commonly-asked question: ‘How do you archive SAP workflows?’.   As a workflow administrator, I

Since its release in August 2014, the 3rd edition of ‘Practical Workflow for SAP’ has been storming up the bestseller charts. In this blog we will examine why it’s been so successful and why YOU

When I’m not on a project, or racking up points in Coffee Corner, my day job is SAP technical support at a government office. Often, a support issue presents itself as a weird error message

Introduction I’ve enjoyed reading the BIFs of SCN regulars, so I might as well chuck my own into the mix. Thanks to Susan Keohan for passing the ball to me, and to Moshe Naveh who

As an Australian who spent his teenage years living in Amsterdam, I’d like to encourage TechEd visitors to sample some of the strange delights of the Dutch fast food cuisine. Forget McDonalds & try something

The Problem A bizarre incident occurred the other day: we discovered that a complex, custom (ABAP) WebDynpro – which has been in Production for years – had disappeared from our Development client. The object exists

This is the fifth instalment in the ambitious 73-part series ‘The Overworked Workflow Administrator’. In this episode, we contradict what we said earlier, by implementing a custom workflow report. But we think this one fills

In this blog we’ll first examine the reasons why you should get yourself SAP Certified, and then run through a list of top tips from people who have recently passed the test. We hope you

Here are ten more common mistakes made by SAP workflow beginners. An earlier blog discussing the numbers #1 – #10 can be found here.   Have a laugh at my missteps, and make sure you

This SAP workflow blog – the third in an overly-ambitious series – spotlights the top 10 mistakes made by workflow beginners (aka ‘noobs’).  I can truly call myself an expert in this area, because I’ve