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Tomorrow, em… Today in just a few hours UI5Con 2018 St. Leon-Rot, Germany takes place. Just a few hours ago I promised Wouter Lemaire to write this blog: Instead of leaking new UI5 features I’ll show you

In the last part of the blog series you learned how to install the SAP Cloud Connector (SAPCC) into Docker running on your own machine. The corresponding YouTube video showed you how easy it is to

A little late, but here I am with the second part of the series. In case you prefer a fast-forward you can watch the YouTube video or scroll down to “Installing the SAPCC into Docker”

Welcome to this little blog series. I’ll add the missing links once I publish the other blogs starting next week: Part 1: ABAP is here and it stays in the DNA of SAP even in

Have you ever deployed SAPUI5 applications to the SAP Cloud Platform (SAPCP) or to your NW ABAP Frontend Server? In the latter case I’m sure you have heard about the UI5 App Index, because sometimes

I typically use some local dev environment with some of my favorite IDE’s, i.e. VS Code, Atom, WebStorm,… However, sometimes I prefer to use the SAP Web IDE when it comes to implementing UI5 apps

Invoices, Receipts, Images: Large files everywhere! We as developers and users probably all know it and struggle almost daily with the upload of way too big files resulting in awful performance. So I tried finding

Did you know JavaScript is object oriented (based on prototypes)? And did you know that there is an instanceof operator available in JavaScript (reminding you of Java etc.)? Of course you do 🙂 Until yesterday I