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Sesha Peram

Hi , This document will be helpful in cases where we need to restrict by default to previous day /last seven days in webi report . This document will be helpful mostly in cases when 

Hi This document will focus mainly Hiding unwanted data with relevant LOV in Webi report. There are scenarios where we need to hide objects/blocks/charts/rows/columns based on business needs. This document will cover most of the

Hi, This document will be helpful in  a scenario  where we have multiple records with different dates but dimension is same /Getting most recent record in webi using date dimension. Sample data: Here  Emp no

Key board Short cuts in SAP BO Webi Document(Reports) for 4.0 versions. Ctrl+1                       : Read Mode Ctrl+2                       : Design Mode with  report data           Ctrl+3                       : Design with Structure only Ctrl+4                       : Display document data Providers

How to get Unique /Distinct Records in Business Object Webi reports. We are having so many options to get unique/distinct records in webi reports .I will try to accomplish all the options that are available

How to handle Aggregate Functions like (Count/Max/Min) in Webi Summary Report’s. Hello every one, I would like to share how can we handle aggregate functions like Count /Max/Min for summary reports in Webi. Whenever we

This Document will be helpful in Scenarios where : Need to Maintain Specified Order (Business Needs) in output of Bex query like displaying key figure value ‘s immediate to Char’s .           EX :      

Adiministrator W.B (RSA1) : To Find any IOBJ                                       : Ctrl  +F10 Exit                                                            : Shift +F3  Multiprovider                                              :  Ctrl + F3 Infoset                                                        : Ctrl  +F4  Infocube                                                     : Ctrl  + F5 DSO                                                           : Ctrl  + F6 Infoobject