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One of the features SAP delivered with S/4HANA to ease conversion from SAP ECC are the so called Compatibility Pack Scope items. Put simply these are bits of functionality that exist in SAP ECC but

One common question facing CIOs is should they Convert existing SAP ERP systems to S/4HANA (Brownfield) or use the change as an opportunity to start again with a New Implementation (Greenfield). This 2 mins quiz

In my day job as a SAP Architect driving innovation and digital transformation, I spend quite a bit of time helping customers to understand how S/4HANA is different from SAP ECC so they can build

The Intelligent Enterprise I’m fresh back from SAPPHIRE NOW 2018 where SAP announced the Intelligent Enterprise Suite (perhaps one day to be known as IE/4HANA 😉 ), which included the following products*:- SAP S/4HANA (Digital

The rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) has been well documented over the past few years and the rise of the machine is unquestionable. Why it is happening now and how it will

As organisations continue to convert their SAP ERP systems to S/4HANA, one area that pops up as a roadmap item is how to handle requirements for Planning and Financial Consolidation. In some cases, this provides

Some of you might think this is the battle cry for @SDenecken (Senior Vice President of SAP S/4HANA Cloud Product Management & Co-Innovation)…..and it probably is…..however I also think it is true, and when it

At SAPPHIRE SAP announced an all new “version” of SAP Leonardo. Before SAPPHIRE SAP Leonardo had been used to describe what SAP was doing in the Internet of Things space, at SAPPHIRE SAP redefined SAP

Headless “Digital Core” I find it a strange irony, that just as SAP have sorted out the way users interact with SAP (see the Fiori Design Guidelines) a user interface starts to become superfluous to

To help people understand the difference in the user experience between SAPGUI and Fiori, SAP have recorded the same tasks being carried out using SAP GUI in ERP and Fiori in S/4HANA. In a series