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Hello. This is not going to be rocket-science, but after searching SCN for some time not finding the answer/code I needed, but realizing that many people have the same/similar requirement to mine, I decided to

All sorts of problems Bad things can happen to your authorization concept for many reasons: The security department lacks the education and skill The security department is understaffed External service provider built something ridiculous Legacy

I am carefully following the latest HANA (and other unimportant stuff) surveys and SAP representatives’ reaction to it. You may want to do some reading on what happened before reading my blog. If so then

Let’s start with S_TABU_DIS and S_TABU_NAM We still remember the times when it was not so easy to authorize for generic tools for the access to database tables (transactions such as SE16, SE17, SM30, SM31

One of the features that I like to do to make my applications more user friendly and I dare to say that users of my applications think the same to large extent… is the quick

Before you read this: I’ve spent some time debugging the things I describe here, I thoroughly searched SCN, I used my brain and although it can sound like one big low-brainer what I describe here,

It is indeed interesting how one piece of content on SCN (with a fruitful discussion) can inspire one for two long blogs. You can find my inspiration here: How to make SQVI /personalized Queries available

Dear reader, You (probably) landed here because you’re new to the SCN Community and you want to “do your homework” before you start your journey with us. You’re probably also interested to know what you

My daily job is a combination of security and ABAP development. I have blogged about both the topics a lot, but not about the intersection of both the disciplines. I only realized this now. Funny.

My apologies to everyone who shouted out to me before, asking for the story of my life. I have not been ignoring you, I’ve started to write the story several times (last attempt was two