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Oliver Schoenborn

In a few weeks time, SAPPHIRE NOW, the most innovative cloud and technology conference, will take place again and as always, it will offer thousands of business professionals from all over the world 3-action packed

Disruption has become quite a buzzword in the marketplace; Embracing it has almost become a winged word for good business practice, entrepreneurship and a culture of change. Not only are most startups these days talking

Business is as much about rhythm as life itself is. And this is not only meant in a “circle of life” kind of way but in a very literal one. Not only is rhythm –

With all the major tournaments going on this summer, the world has fallen into football mode once again. And even if you’re only a sporadic fan or not a football fan whatsoever, there is a

Every journey has a purpose. And even a Journey of a thousand miles – as Chinese philosopher Laozi stated more than 2000 years ago –, starts with a single step. Some journeys are long with

A Few thoughts about how the digital revolution is changing the world of business Finances. Have you ever heard someone say that things like big data or the internet of things are merely pop music

For some people, a new job is a lot like a new piece of technology. In the beginning you just cant wait to get started. The first days you can’t think of anything else as