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SAP is currently working on an equipment name tag recognition service that uses deep learning to recognize and extract information from name plates (for instance, serial- or model number). See picture: To make our model

As of August 2016 SAP started reselling / servicing / supporting a new product. Originally called Telit deviceWISE, at SAP it is named SAP Device Management for IoT by Telit. It is the original Telit

You have an opportunity to give input to SAP on what features and functions you would like for a potential “Predictive Quality” SAP product. This is all about looking at your finished products and whether

Have you ever had a chance to see the Smart Meter Analytics (SMA) 1.0 features for customer segmentation? How would you use it in your Utility company? What are some typical queries for finding customer

I (working in SAP’s Office of the CTO) just started to do some research on the topic of measuring which functions in an SAP system users use. That could be done at various levels of

Sure, everybody wishes their system would be faster, but there are those long-running processes which we kick off and look at their result later. Either we have a coffee in between (and forget about our

Business Objects Polestar is a tool for the Business User who needs to sift through a lot of data and needs more than a dashboard, but is not an analyst who would deal with a more

At Where 2.0 in San Jose Google today announced a new feature, which adds another level of data (and fun) to Google Maps. For all of you who have done mashups between SAP data and

Two days ago I showed you the fundrace.org maps, containing the campaign contribution data… and I could not help to look at the election results maps from yesterday at major newspaper sites, to check which