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Do you have an older profile for an account that is inactive, to which you no longer have access? Maybe you changed companies and had to start a new account with the new company, or

Are you one of the members of SAP Community who “lost” your content and reputation because you had to get a new account when you changed jobs, or because of some other reason? It can

If you’ve ever used Twitter or Facebook, or if you used SCN before we moved to this new platform, you’re probably familiar with a feature known as @mention (“at-mention”). @mentioning another user allows you to

[See bottom of post for Aug 17, Aug 23, Sept 7, and Sept 11 updates regarding additional improvements rolled out] It’s summer (at least, in the northern hemisphere), and while many folks are out on

If you’ve already been active in the SAP Community, you have probably already logged in and discovered what your profile looks like. Maybe you’ve even uploaded a photo and filled out the bio and other

This release includes some bug fixes, as usual, but also some first improvements in the Activity Stream and the Notification Inbox. More improvements are planned to roll out by the end of January. The features

If you’ve just returned to the community after “taking a break” when we launched on the new best-of-breed platforms, you may be wondering how best to 1) find the content that was on SCN before

As announced in my Points No More blog post and Caroleigh Deneen‘s Reputation Reloaded post, the Community Experience team planned to roll out the new missions and badges for the new SAP Community this month.

UPDATE Oct 27: This issue is now resolved.  If you have any questions, please search and post in the Questions & Answers application. As most of you know who have been following the communications around

What? No more lifetime points or leaderboards?. It’s true. After a long, tumultuous history of points on SCN (or “ponits” and “pinots” as they were referred to in the days when “points” was a banned