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Use case You would like to learn how to program BPC formula planning functions which require coding in FOX (formula extension language).   Content I started writing a blog on coding FOX formulas and happened

Use case You would like to learn how to code FOX formula planning functions in BPC.     Content I started writing a blog on coding FOX formulas and happened to be working on a

Use Case You would like to use the BW formula planning functions for the BPC Embedded Model for Consolidations or for Planning and learn to write FOX (formula extension) code.   Content I started writing

Use case Although all the information for setting up RTC is available in the help documentation it does often help to see a step-by-step example of how it is done especially if it is the

Use case You’ve installed the SDK software, loaded and executed the sample SDK projects, looked at the coloredbox example and you’re looking for the next step starting point in getting going with coding your own extension.

Use case You would like to place a text box on the canvas, allow a user to capture multiple lines of free text based on a certain datasource dimension index and save the comments. Then

Use case You would like to execute one of the sample Design Studio 1.6 SDK projects such as “ColoredBox”. You are using Design Studio 1.6 to deliver a project and are aware that it has

Business Scenario: Execute script logic from a Data Manager (DM) Package passing parameters for: 1. Text substitution 2. Dimension selection Purpose: To document my own findings and experience on this topic which might assist you

Business scenario: After maintaining dimension members and pressing the “SAVE AND PROCESS” button the system displays the “Saving the members…” progress bar which does not freeze and seems active but the process does not end.

Business senario: When loading hierarchy master data from BW InfoObj you get an error similar to:  “Detected duplicate member ID ‘xxxxxx’  “ Assumption: You have successfully completed the first step of loading the master data