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Six months ago, I wrote my first blog about my electric car. I am now better informed and remain convinced about the main benefits of my car: A perfect combination of quiet sustainable speed. However, I

A few months ago, it was time to get a new car. I visited several car dealers to see what new cars had come on to the market. Taking my family with me, meant that

Last year, I had the pleasure to be at the International SAP Conference for Utilities. I met many nice and interesting SAP customers, prospects, partners and colleagues who all have one thing in common – the passion

Dear Utilities Community, I edit our Utilities newsletter, and my big challenge is finding utilities-related information, sorting and editing, to then share it with you as a tool to support your decision making processes. Digital

Stefan Engelhardt has been working at SAP in the utilities industry for 20 years. He is appreciated by customers, partners and colleagues as a competent and trustworthy business partner, colleague and friend. In the interview,

Gero Bieser joined the SAP Industry Business Unit Utilities twenty years ago, in 1997. He is currently holding the position as Solution Expert in the Industry Business Unit Utilities focusing on how to leverage the

Snohomish County Public Utility District No.1 (SnoPUD) is the U.S. Pacific Northwest’s largest Utility and serves over 337,000 electric and about 20,000 water customers.(1) Metering International selected Snohomish County PUD as one of “The Global

My manager Henry Bailey will moderate a Customer Panel at the International SAP Conference for Utilities. The panelists include representatives from Snohomish County PUD, Farys, Puget Sound Energy, BP, and more. In this blog I

This year, the International SAP Conference for Utilities took place from 28-30 March in 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal. We collected all the blogs about this major event. Recap of the Conference News: Henry Bailey: The Energy Was

United Energy, an electricity distributor in Australia, uses the SAP HANA platform to pull together nearly 1 billion records. Analyzing this data is now quick and easy, and the business can run what-if and predictive