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Nicolas Varga

After having played with my Development Environment I started to do the initial load for my AS ABAP systems. Thanks to several people of the forum, I think to Murali Shanmugham, Ian Daniel and Ivan

Someone asked me about Uflag value in table USR02 and of course I knew the most common ones but he asked me about values I had never seen like 1 – 33- 97 (so regular

SAP BC Team was in charge of installing SAP IDM server part, configuring DB (Oracle),… and I installed my part.BC Team downloaded the last version SAP IDM 7.2. SP6.They sent me thee files I needed

Through this blog I will share my experience of installing and configuring SAP IDM 7.2. SP7 Until now, I face a lot of “problems” and in order you to spare time, I’ll document steps /