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Log on as SID<ADM> user stop the SAP system and the ASE Server using the management console. Disable the Sybase BCKServer_<SID>_BS and Sybase SQLServer_<SID> services. Also make sure that no process isql,sqlsrver.exe or bcksrvr.exe are

There has been a lot of topic discussion around this, I was hoping this may clear things up for some of just provide insight to others. I extend invites to all to critique this this

The purpose of this document is a how-to set up threshold and dump configuration using thresholds set within the database. The recommendation is to Dump the transaction log of the <DBSID> database at least once

Hi guys and girls, With this query coming up a lot and my recent experience in this I have decided to write this blog post. I would like for any improvement comments by all the

Hi everyone, This is a very basic issue but I thought I would upload it anyways. Running windows 2012 environment with Windows 2012 R2 I am new to sybase myself. Error message this morning received