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  How to free Hana System on Public Cloud from I/O performance issue? Apart from memory, storage performance plays a major role in safeguarding HANA performance. Storage system used for SAP HANA in TDI environments

      This knowledge demystifies SAP Migration tools and its technology to facilitate your SAP HANA migration or Cloud adoption by helping you to define and choose the most appropriate SAP migration tool &

 Introduction   In this exercise, I’ll give a walkthrough on how to perform a top down investigation on high & peak HANA memory usage and its associate top memory consumers with the aid of HANA

Starting from HANA 2.0 SPS01, Multitenant Database Containers (MDC) will be the standard and only operational mode for SAP HANA systems, and definitely one of the significant changes that will have greater influence, affect directly

Hi All, Just tested recover a single Database to Multi Tenant Database without the need to convert them to MDC beforehand with below scenario and thought it is a good idea to share. This enhancement

“SAP has released SAP HANA Database 2.0 for SAP Kernel 7.49 64-Bit unicode and higher for certain operating system platforms. Therefore, SAP products that use these kernel versions, and are still in SAP Extended Maintenance after 2016

Just to share some tips on converting single container with Hana System Replication configured to MDC. MDC system can only be replicated as the whole system, it means that the system database and all tenant

Area Details Step When Reference General Performance General SAP HANA Checks: Ensure system is running in healthy state and critical alerts are picked up. Recommend to run: post installation, revision update, recovery, weekly, monthly or

  would like to share my recently research on currently available SAP HANA change Management mechanism. I’ve compiled them into table below. Information might not be 100% accurate but hope it’ll be useful for reference

I’ve seen many posts on how to setup Hana System Replication and its takeover, however, none or few of the post that covers client reconnect after sr_takeover. In order to ensure the client is able