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Blog Series:  http://scn.sap.com/community/erp/financials/asset-accounting/blog/2015/07/21/a-better-asset-solution-for-regulated-industries After introducing the Asset Lifecycle Accounting (ALA) solution earlier (link above), I wanted to start discussing some of the details of the solution. Regulated industries tend to be extremely capital intensive.  They

Since SAP came out with Simple Finance last year, SCN has already seen several good blogs cover the basics of the solution.  Two that have caught my attention talk about the ACDOCA table that is

Capital investment is critical to all SAP customers.  The reasons differ between companies and industries but for the most part, the motives for capital investment centers around expansion of product lines and the replacement or

To continue with my ARO blog series… Part 1 – ARO Overview Part 2 – ARO Values Part 3 – Integration with LAE … I wanted to now discuss the integration ARO has with the

After covering an overview of AROM and then showing how ARO’s are valued it’s now time to dive into the details of the solution.  Specifically, I want to talk about the integration points of AROM

I’ve been an SCN member since 2006 and watched the involvement from others increase over the passing years.  This is both good and bad at the same time.  It’s good to see more people get

SAP released EhP7 for ERP 6.0 back in August 2013 and followed up with SP02 a few months later in November.  Within that support pack, a new business function (FIN_AA_PARALLEL_VAL) was included that delivers a

SAP has been working on a new solution that should be interesting to those of us that work in the projects area of ERP. The new solution, SAP Commercial Project Management, is geared for the

As is the duty of most SAP Mentors, I was having some tweets late one night with fellow SAP Mentors John Appleby, Tammy Powlas, and Jocelyn Dart.  A simple question came up; what is a