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Nageshwar Reddy

If you have started using SMP SDK 3.0 SP06, you have a cool new option of testing your SAP Agentry mobile apps right from the new eclipse Test environment view. This is an alternative to

This blog aims to introduce process debugging for PI developers who are in the process of converting ccBPM to NW BPM. This blog also aims to introduce process debugging to beginners in NW BPM. The

Recently, I have been writing about some of the items that are relevant for process orchestration but are not published in Process Orchestration space due to obvious reasons. While creating the blog, i have chosen

PI 7.31 introduced a new concept called scenario specific message staging and logging. You can now enable or disable message staging and logging for the specific integration scenario. Scenario specific persistence (staging or logging) is

If you are in a brand new ECC implementation which has a phased approach with only essential systems in the landscape in phase one, what are the options you have to handle application errors? If

I was once accidentally involved in a small project that required integrating Kenexa recruitment system to SAP ECC(HR) to send users and requisitions(Positions) from SAP into Kenexa system. It was accidental because i got involved

For PI developers, there are two different set of tools. They are classified as Swing based tools(traditional) and Eclipse environment based( NWDS). By now, many of us already know that PI 7.31 offers enhanced support

In this blog, I would like to illustrate how configurable parameters, adapter specific message attribute, dynamic configuration and function library concepts are utilized to set soap action at configuration time. The concepts used here are