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It’s been a long time i have blogged on any topic, Feels good to be back again 🙂 . Have been quiet busy in my new role for last around 2 years learning management, but

Hello Everyone. The motivation to write this blog came via DataGeek ||| challenge here DataGeek III: How to Join I had heard a lot about SAP Lumira and thought of giving it a try and

It’s been a long time since I have written a blog. Through this blog I am going to share my understanding of Trfc’s gained while handling a production issue. Last week a strange ticket came

It’s been a long time since I have been out of touch with SCN. I was feeling a deep void somewhere in my heart. Now from last 2-3 days finally I am back to learning,

The motivation to write this blog came from my past experiences. Earlier when were new to SAP, whenever we were struck we were asked to search on SCN or post a question, someone will help

Its been 3 days  since our new SCN has gone live. First of all kudos to the whole SCN team for all the hard work and unbeatable dedication.  I have been seeing a mix of

I have decided to write this blog after I saw there are various queries getting raised like how to enhance VF04 or VFX3 etc standard reports. Most of the time requirement is to add some

The part1 of this blog can be found here Sharing my Workflow Experience This blog is regarding some various tips and tricks most of which I have learnt from SDN and few of them from

I have done translations in my last few projects. We have been using SE63 to do the translation. Going with the current trends I think the translator tool provided by SAP needs an upgrade.  I

In my last blog few months back on workflow I have talked about my take away points while investigating a workflow problem. So this blog is basically about my learning’s about working with workflows in