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Background I have recently started with #100DaysOfCommunityQA(read this blog by Craig) to enhance and share my knowledge with intent of #LearnShareRepeat as correctly pointed out by good friend of mine Srikanth. I still felt i

All blogs in the series Part Description 1 Setting up the workflow 2 Function as a service 3 Scheduling 4 Integrating the Twilio  What we are going to make? In our previous blog we have

What we are trying to make? In our previous blog we have created a basic SAP Cloud Platform Workflow with forms after all the trouble shooting. Moving on in this part we will be creating

What we are trying to make? Last few weeks have been quite happening courtesy SAP TechEd’s. There is too much to learn and experiment. So we started our experiments with Function as a Service, as

All Blogs in the series Part Description 1 Custom Connector 2 Hooks 3 Polling 4 Extend a connector Background So far we have been able to create a custom connector, add hooks and polling to

Background In our previous blogs we have been able to successfully create a custom connector and able to use hooks to format the response from Trello dashboard. I felt something was still missing. Each time

Background In our previous blog we have seen how to develop a custom adaptor for Trello Dashboard. The response of the API call is returning us too much of a data whereas all we need

Motivation Around two months back we had announcement regarding SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors, it was in my to be explored Learning Continuum(Thanks DJ Adams for this post) list for a long time. Recently we

Background The trigger for this blog is bit interesting. Yesterday i saw this tweet from Simen Huuse where it was mentioned about upcoming SAP Inside Track in Silicon Valley. On inquiring whether it will be

Motivation As a developer we tend to have many tabs opened in our browser and sometimes it gets irritating. I specifically have this irritating habit of checking my twitter feed frequently. Each time i end