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Last night we had a dinner at a restaurant, that is where the seeds of this blog were sown:) After we were done with the dinner, the restaurant guy asked us for a feedback via

PS: Demo Video at the end. In my previous blog after facing so many issues finally I was able to deploy SAP HANA express edition on Google Cloud platform with help of SAP Community support.

I have been trying to get my hands dirty onto SAP HANA Express edition for some time but sadly did not have the laptop to support the high RAM requirements.  So, through this blog, I

PS: Demo app at the end. I have not used the Fiori iOS assistant out of my own curiosity to understand the things. You can refer to this wonderful blog Translation via Assistant or API Hub

PS: Demo at the end of the blog In my previous blog where we talked about SAP Cloud platform workflow approvals via email, I kept on thinking can we do it via SMS?  What if

PS: Demo At the end Motivation The trigger for this workflow is an awesome ASUG SAP Cloud Workflow Webcast by Christian Loos and Peter yesterday. One of the question asked was can we do workflow

PS: Demo video at the end Wow I am back again with my next rant of using more than one SAP Cloud platform service. This time it is SAP Cloud business rules and OCR API’s

PS: Final demo at end of blog. Finally, one of the demo which was on my Wish-list for long, to bring together different technologies and see how it all fits in has been completed. The

All Blogs in the series 1. ABAP Unit Test Week 1 2. ABAP Unit Test in Odata 3. ABAP Unit Test TDD Implementation 4. ABAP Unit  Test Meets Legacy Code.   Finally done with week 3  of

PS: Live demo app video at the end of the blog. SAP Community is all about inspiring each other and this is the reason for this blog. I got inspired by an ABAP blog where