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In this blog post I would like to share my experience building an online app using Mobile Development Kit (MDK). I was asked once how to build an online app which is always connected to

There have been plenty of announcements in Cloud Platform Mobile services the week before SAP TechED. Martin Grasshoff has summarized this in his latest blog post “Introducing Additional Mobile App Development Tools“. One of the

One of the most common requirements these days is the ability to extract information out from SaaS solutions like SuccessFactors or Hybris and mash it up with data from other SAP/non-SAP systems in order to

In this blog I would like to share my experience building an application which consumes some of the Leonardo services. This was something I have been working on for an internal training. This consumer app

There has been lot of changes in the way services in SAP Cloud Platform (SAP CP) are being priced. I have been asked several questions in last few weeks on this topic and hence I

This blog is part of a blog series which shows to build HANA database artefacts using the SAP WebIDE Full-Stack and the new HANA service on Cloud Foundry.  Create Nodejs. Module In this section, I

In the previous blog, I walked through the steps to install and configure the HANA service on SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry environment, In this blog series, I will focus on how to get started

Early August 2018, SAP announced the availability of SAP Cloud Platform on AWS in Australia. One of the key services which I was looking to try out was the new HANA service. So what is

In this blog, I am going to show how to use Fiori Client mobile app on your device with other mobile apps. Follow the video to see how to configure your Fiori Launchpad on SAP

In the Cloud Portal on SAP Cloud Platform, there is an option to display the user profile/avatar on the top left hand corner. This can be enabled both in freestyle as well as Fiori Launchpad