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With the emergence of digitization, every organizations is looking for ways to improve some of their business processes and also reimagine some of them. There is a big desire within organizations to tap into big

There has been some recent changes in the Fiori Deployment options and in this blog I am going to summarize them and also show you how SAP Cloud Platform can help simplify your landscape. The

S/4HANA Cloud is being constantly enhanced to offer a wide range of functionality. Over the last few months I have been working with different customers helping them to realize few use cases which require extension

Towards end of Dec 2017, a new capability was released on SAP Cloud Platform to allow customers to perform installation of SAP HANA/ASE database instance in a self-service manner. Prior to this, there was a

In this blog I am going to share some information on a new App type introduced in the Fiori Launchpad sites – “Dynamic URL”. This is currently available in the Preview environment of Portal service.

I was recently working with a customer where they were looking to use SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules service. They have several Sales Organizations and wanted to maintain complex pricing rules for each of them.

A common requirement when building applications on SAP Cloud Platform is to enable access to various groups within different Identity Providers within your organization. You probably are aware of setting up the trust with your

In this part of the blog series, I will create a Portal site based on the extension template and embed the HTML5 app as a widget. Configuring a Portal site based on SuccessFactors extension template

In this part of the blog series, I will show you the steps I have followed to create an extension app using SAP WebIDE. Creating a HTML5 based extension application using SAP WebIDE Below is

In this blog, I am going to share my experience on extending SuccessFactors using SAP Cloud Platform. Over the last few weeks, I had several queries on this topic – Which services in SAP Cloud