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Friends, Getting bored to read the documents ? Then play with your knowledge. Make a fun with Workflow….. Fill the crosswords with Workflow tables and Transaction codes. (Please do not hesitate to download the files).

Friends….   We can put conditions to create the workitem, after creation of the workitem and after execution of the workitem. (We can use Condition step type to validate the technical functions). (If you are

Hello all….. Couple of points is based on my experience and some of them are collected on workflow testing. The best way of ensuring a smooth and trouble-free introduction of your new or changed workflow

Important points when system is going for upgrade: Must check the automatic workflow customization (SWU3) have been done properly or not? Run Buffer Synchronization transaction SWU_OBUF Check all the necessary workflows are active or not

Hi, I would like to share some points of workflow, find the attachment and feel free to share your feelings. Thanks, Murali Krishna.