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Murali Balreddy

Designers who have used 1.0 prior to 1.1 would definitely miss the chart styles. They are no longer there. Every now and then question pop up about the styles and the unusable setStyle and getStyle

Recently there was a question from Satyam Ravada asking how to show percentages on a pie chart. With the current version, there is no option to do that. I tried to do the same thing

A few days ago there was a question about translating the DS application. To that question, I quoted the Admin Guide which talks about Languages as a suggestion/solution. Today, I was able to demo an

SAP Design Studio 1.1 does not have the ability to directly post/update BW or HANA tables other than calling a URL. Since Design Studio is a dashboard tool, I don’t expect it to have update

This blog explains about the map chart I wrote about in the sneak preview blog. In that blog, i mentioned I had some issues with IE that I need to resolve before providing more information.

Here is a sneak preview of USA map plotting in Design Studio. Right now the application works only in Chrome and not on IE. More info to follow (once IE issue resolved & licensing terms

This blog is for those who cannot wait until SAP releases a gauge component. In this blog, I will show how to create a gauge (as shown in the following image) from a pie chart

Using CSS, one can rotate any component using transform property by providing a degree of rotation. In this blog, I will show how I used this CSS property to create a manila folder with vertical

When SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio is installed,  a few templates are installed to work with. These templates are nothing but Design Studio applications stored in a particular directory with metadata information. To order to reduce