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Mostafa SHARAF

This blog explains the part3 of how to build B1 Fiori apps running on top of SAP HANA, with the help of the WEB IDE for HCP. Please follow part1&2 for basic understnading of Fiori:

openSAP is SAP’s innovative learning platform and a thought leader for Enterprise MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), giving you maximum flexibility to learn about SAP Technology, Innovation and Product at your convenience with free of

This is the second part of my scn document about “How to build SAP B1 Fiori apps on HANA”. Please read the first part for learning how to use the LOCAL SAP WEB IDE to

SAP Fiori UX is the new user experience for SAP software, enabling a responsive, personalized, and satisfying experience across devices. It is based on SAPUI5. It applies modern design principles for a completely re-imagined user

This SAP Business One App demonstrates how to bind SAP UI5 Web based App to SAP Business One Tables on HANA, via several ways; HANA XS OData Service. HANA XS JS (JAVA Script). UDQ (User

This Sales-Kit Demo is an SAP Business One apps, based on HANA. It is web based SAPUI5 Application, which runs on top of HANA XS Engine.   The B1 apps on HANA demonstrates mainly 5