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Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations, or XSLT for short, is a powerful language for writing XML transformations. With XSLT, you can create succint and elegant solutions to thorny XML mapping problems. The language has a number

On Saturday the 5th of May, SAP Inside Track Copenhagen goes down at the KMD offices for the third time. As usual, we posted a Call for Speakers right here on the SAP Community site,

The official road map is a great way to stay up to date with what’s coming to SAP Cloud Platform Integration. While perusing the current road map document, I noticed a new capability planned for

Back in March, I launched HCITracker, which is a Twitter feed that tracks updates to the core components of SAP Cloud Platform Integration, such as the underlying Apache Camel framework, the Java runtime etc. Officially,

Last Saturday, a group of determined SAP community members met on a cold morning, to spend the day with each other at the second SAP Inside Track Copenhagen event. And I’m so glad they did,

On Saturday, November 25th we’re hosting our second SAP Inside Track event at the KMD offices, and you are invited! Many community members heeded the Call for Speakers, and based on their proposals, we now

On Saturday, November 25th we are looking much forward to hosting the second SAP Inside Track event in Denmark at the KMD offices (here’s a recap of the first event). We would like to invite

In a previous blog post of mine, I discussed how you can replace the body of a Cloud Integration message with the contents of an attachment. Tom van Rooijen commented on that post, asking how you can

Recently, we hosted our fourth SAP CodeJam at the KMD offices in Ballerup, Denmark. This time around, the topic was SAP Cloud Platform, and more specifically Java and HTML5 applications running on the platform. The

Last week I traveled to the fifth annual SAP Cloud Platform Integration Info Day at SAP in Walldorf, along with my friend and former colleague Daniel Graversen. Around 150 partners and customers were in attendance,