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Geospatially Enabling SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Suite Applications   On occasion of the International SAP Conference for Utilities in Lisbon next April 17-19 will take place a full day workshop where will be provided

The world of IT support for technical asset management is experiencing exciting and challenging times. It is well understood in the market the need of Enterprise Asset Management solutions for maintenance execution process with perfect

When discussing on SAP for Utilities features and use cases we mostly focus on electricity. Topics such as energy billing, smartgrid, unbundling, prosumers or smart meters get most of the attention while tending to forget

Last April took place the annual SAP for Nuclear Infodays. In its 6th edition the sessions were  hosted by SAP Czech office at Prague, located just in front of CEZ Headquarters, the largest nuclear power

Power Generation is changing. The once financial pillar and more profitable business unit in energy companies is becoming the main stream of losses and headaches of traditional utilities which are taking radical decisions such as

Last April on occasion of the International SAP Conference for Utilities in Berlin there were amazing presentations and workshops related with the usage of mobility to support Technical Asset Management processes. Content presentation triggered interesting

Geo-enablement of the information currently available at the business transactional and analytical systems is not only an improvement of usability, this is jumping from tabular lists of characters to a graphical map related environment, but

Construction is a very relevant process in Asset Management. In fact, it is the most relevant from the corporate budget perspective (capital expenses are used in the process) as maintenance use to have a fixed

ISO – TSO, what is this? Electricity Transmission Companies play a key role in energy markets. They are entitled to manage all the High Voltage infrastructure of a territory in order to technically operate the

On occasion of the SAP Conference for Utilities (Europe, Middle East and Africa) which took place in Mannheim last April ( http://uk.tacook.com/utilitiespresentations ) we had the opportunity to discover and discuss on several interesting subjects