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After a number of implemented SAP Workflow projects, I build my own list of common SAP Workflow transactions (aka «tcodes»). Now it’s a time to share the assets, feel free to print and use. Workflow

Sometimes you would like to know which inbound plug is used in specific link in navigation bar. This can be found viaSPRO-transaction. Here is some short reference how to find this information in SPRO-tree, go

The process of adding link to navigation bar in SAP CRM WebUI may seems trivial, but in fact it’s a complete set of steps in a huge forest of SPRO-transaction that you have to perform

Sometimes we need to supply a single value synchronization of specific parameter between different separated components of CRM. Of course, there is a way to implement such task via binding, but if we are talking

Sometimes performing even basics tasks in ABAP may confuse, especially if you are a newbie in ABAP. Today I’m going to show how to add new row (line, element) to context node collection in SAP

Recently I faced a problem to proceed HTML-code and replace some CSS-expression with HTML’s tag analog. For instance: font-weight: bold; property inside of <span> tag value must be replaced with <strong> HTML-tag. One of the