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Miguel Peredo Zurcher

I was watching and doing this video tutorial: SAP HANA Academy – DWF: NDSO – Introduction to HANA native datastore objects Which I strongly recommend if you are interested in SAP HANA Data Warehousing Foundation

Hello! Most of us have experienced this: We have a big text file (bigger than 500 MB, and with more than 2 millions rows). We want to get some information from it, where do we

Hi, If you have a still an SAP BW that is not running on HANA, you can even get the data from there into ADP. Remember that ADP uses SAP HANA SDI to connect to

Hello, Inside Agile Data Preparation you can use the SAP HANA Rules Framework, which allows users to define business rules that check whether the data in a worksheet complies with their business constraints and requirements. These

Hi! SAP Agile Data Preparation is a great tool for business users in the context of self service analytics. And for IT professionals/developers is suitable for prototyping or even for developing quick data combinations or

Hello! A lot of friends / colleagues has been asking how to debug a HANA view. Here is a 1.5 minutes long video, that gives you a quick start.     Miguel

Setting a reverse proxy in a complex scenario (big network) can be frustrating. My advice is that first you meet with the different actors: infra team (Do we need to deploy a new host?, is

Summer is about to start, and my advice for this time of year is: “Take a rest; a field that has reseted gives a bountiful crop.” But before you go for your summer holidays, maybe

This is a post about how easy it is to release a BEx query for OData consumption.   Let’s say that your Ecommerce solution needs to get the quantity available in stock for a specific

When BW on top of SAP HANA was first introduced on the market, the idea was simple: Your whole database needs to fit in RAM memory; this implied having enough RAM memory and having a