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Well I recently replied to a question why is using sap.com a misused tag?   It was a question.   I just found a blog that answers the questions – so feel free to comment OR even

Brief Overview I have been working remotely for over seven years.    During those seven years I’ve worked for two very different companies.   The differences are interesting.  But not something I’m willing to share.  Sorry

SO I have an exact opposite blog than my last couple of blogs.   As I sit here this morning, I wonder, why do I bother?   Is there anything right with this site? What is right?

This is driven by a question I got in linkedin.   This has nothing to do with the SAP Community platform.  This is something we can fix today.  The question/comment from Linkedin “When there are questions

Again Linkedin is my friend.   I was asked a couple of questions and asked to write another blog!  Woohoo!  Yes, yet another blog.   What a great idea?  You are probably thinking – isn’t she done

  Sap Community is sinking It isn’t sunk but it’s slowly sinking.  But something needs to happen.  I can’t change the platform – but what can I do? The experiment Cross-post the same blog into

So SAP Teched 2017 in Las Vegas is done.   There are a lot of reviews on Teched, what we’ve learned, and how different or how not different it was…   I promised all who attended the

So I’ve just gotten back from Teched.    It was AMAZING!!!! And yes, you’ve already heard it, we can use ABAP in the cloud.    My unicorn tells me that is a good thing.   The

Sick There are less and less people here who are commenting.   They aren’t asking questions.   They aren’t answering questions.  There are less blogs.   A lot less fun blogs to read.    It’s like a gigantic

My quickest blog ever. I’m meeting up with some of my favorite people to do a QUICK “Teched” video.    Teched because that is where we will be.  Now we need, want, and would love