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This could easily be a coffee corner topic.  But as I’m thinking about it, I think it deserves a blog.  There are so many things to pick that horrify me.   I’m sure you have some

There are so many different options to learn about all things SAP.  Yes, I do mean pretty much all of SAP.   I sometimes think what a wonderful thing it is to have information at our

So there is a US holiday – Thanksgiving it is a time to give thanks for what you have.  (Or at least that’s how my house celebrates it) So here is my Thankful list to

I’ve been thinking about how I code.  I know how I get my priorities.  A whole different blog.  But when I program what do I do?  If I was working on a huge monster application

Does the “who” drive how you work? How not what priority.  Do you work differently with them according to what you know about them? Know your business users: So if you know the person you

So what is the state of the community as I – totally unscientifically see it today?  Are we really sinking still?!  Are people running not walking away? So my thoughts… We are swimming: Now take

I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog. What would I say How would I organize it Do I have the knowledge to write it Am I just stuck in the old way of doing

So just how do you work the community into your “daily” work?   I was asked how I used the community on a blog post I wrote.  As always, my comment became very long.  So I

This community is all about sharing.  Sharing knowledge, sharing time.  Getting to know people and network. New to the community or just confused There is help out there already.   But it may be hard for

Fiori Tiles are nice – I just haven’t had the time to learn about them yet.  I primarily code in ABAP.  So I used a transaction in the Fiori tiles.  I did not really program