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Very, very short blog today.  I’ve been browsing around in the questions lately. Very few of them are closed. So I look at them and see things like this has been answered in the answers

A RANT OK – before you go on to happily read this. I am ranting again. You might find some things repeated here as I’m not stopping to read my other blog posts. Are you

So… I’ve read something good, but I don’t have anything really to say about it. I DON’T WANT TO COMMENT!! What do I do? Better yet what do you do? I and many others are

Tips that are still relevant when you want to upgrade/implement.  I’ve been involved with a couple implementations, but the first one was the worse.  I’ve also been involved in several upgrades.  I think it really

I’m sure there are hundreds of blogs out there on the subject.  Do you have to participate in the SAP Community to be welcome? NO, nope, nien, non..  Well you get it. No you don’t

Please feel free to comment on a better / different way to do this.   I am working with an “older” system.  But it makes everything a bit more of a challenge.   And I do love

This blogs relates directly to the challenge in Fabio Pagoti wishes blog. Of course the same disclaimer goes for me.   Direct quote from his blog – I added SAP Community. “This blog post is just a bunch of

Well I recently replied to a question why is using sap.com a misused tag?   It was a question.   I just found a blog that answers the questions – so feel free to comment OR even

Brief Overview I have been working remotely for over seven years.    During those seven years I’ve worked for two very different companies.   The differences are interesting.  But not something I’m willing to share.  Sorry

SO I have an exact opposite blog than my last couple of blogs.   As I sit here this morning, I wonder, why do I bother?   Is there anything right with this site? What is right?