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Michelle Crapo

My quickest blog ever. I’m meeting up with some of my favorite people to do a QUICK “Teched” video.    Teched because that is where we will be.  Now we need, want, and would love

My strange way of doing things.   MMMMMMWhahaha  (That’s my best evil laugh)    I thought since I promised no more blogs about my session – I’d let you know what I do to prepare

Well the fun is about to begin!    I’m excited!   I’m still excited!   I can’t wait to get to many of the interesting sessions.       Getting to see all the new

Well – a big hello again to anyone brave another to read a blog that I write!   My session at Teched is: DX133 – Personas or Not Really Personas: Old Version Trick to Create a

No Money? No problem – “This is Free” All this will cost you is your time to do the course.   It usually only takes about 4 hours a week of your time.  What a

Background: SAPTeched!!!  Let that set in for a moment.. I will go to a lot of trouble to get there.  I may even stand on my head.  Trust me, you don’t want to see that.