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Have you ever heard anything like that?   Nope, I sure haven’t.   There is a first time for everything.   The official explanation, they are removing redundancy.  The totally not explanation – they have off-shored all SAP

Technical Design Time So you are doing the technical design of a project.   OK – so the design and the coding have been done and you are supporting it.  (Me)   But pretend I helped design

Here’s what I thought before using CHARM: Charm will: Remove Conflicts between developers No more missing objects when transporting to production No more keeping track of transport dependencies Allow to bundle transports outside of SAP

Well I was going to write a follow up blog about working from home…   That was a couple of years ago. My head is just over the water.   That’s a good thing because I love

SAP Teched this year – Hmmmmm… I love Teched for many different reasons.  One of those reasons is that it delivers great sessions on what is new.   What will be coming!   I love Fiori, Personas,

You are set.  You are savvy.   You know everything, and have your schedule set up!   But I have a secret – one that isn’t well kept but one that is fun!   Your experts – you

So does the title peak your interest?   Maybe a little.  At least I hope a little.   SAPTeched has all the latest, the newest, the greatest, the, the, awesomeness ideas and topics.  My session?   My session

Another charity  – sigh – will this one make a difference?   Do you think ONLY money will make a difference?  Some of you are saying no, it’s not just money.  You are the volunteers who

A million years ago – at least that’s what it feels like, I wrote a blog trying to get feedback about working from home.   I also posted the query in different forums.   Honestly I was

So this is another “fluffy” type blog.   It is about a lot of different concepts.   They all revolve around trying to put a square peg into a round hole.  And we all know how well