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Michael Diehl

The world is going digital. Information not digitalized will not be consumed by senior management and the board. In order to influence strategy, contribute to business performance and receive resources, business managers and professionals must

What if you could see just a little bit further into the future? Even looking ahead by just a few seconds ahead of the rest of the world would give you an enormous advantage in

Insights from a cash management study by CFO Research and SAP Six out of ten respondents say that treasury needs to increase its contribution to high-value activities, but in order to do so treasury executives

The uncertain financial times of the past few years have had a major effect on companies operate these days. Companies that used to operate effortlessly with the help of forecasts and projections now resist making

A recent report from the Economist, sponsored by SAP, lays out the case for holistic enterprise risk management and why it’s a vital necessity for modern business. As you prepare your organization to implement this

In partnership with SAP, the Economist and its Intelligence Unit discuss the pressing need for businesses to improve their enterprise risk management systems in the white paper, “Holistic Risk Management: Organizational measures to create a