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Hi Guys, Global Trade Services Continuous shipment information for Q2 has been released and can be found in PDF attachment of KBA 2346972. This document includes a summary of the recent changes to GTS functions

Hi Guys,   Information on latest SPs for GTS:   GTS10 – SP 28 is now available: Release Note 2329294 GTS10.1 – SP19 is now available: Release Note 2295198 GTS11 – SP06 is now available:

Hi Guys, Two interesting notes have been released recently that you should be aware of:  note 2314662 regarding the cancellation of withdrawals from the customs warehouse for export declarations. The included notes make it possible

Hi Guys, Quarterly shipment information is attached to SAP KBA 2314363. In this PDF you will find a really interesting summary of some of the recent changes to GTS functions including legal changes (including Union

Hi Guys, Latest Notes in the compliance area: Until now GTS had been unable  to support the cross company billing scenario, i.e when a cross company sales document is transferred to SAP GTS. Accordingly GTS

Hi Guys, Latest notes in Customs area: As previously communicated Support for ACE through SAP GTS is part of GTS standard. Please keep an eye on updates to Note 1998947 Transferring an EMCS 2.2 message

Hi Guys, Latest notes in Cross Components and new SP’s During transfer of classifications into the article master the response times were not sufficient. Note 2288218 contains improvements on that. BAdI method IF_EXTEND_CUS_CDOC has been

Hi Guys, Latest Cross application notes Using the number upload (for example, with transaction /SAPSLL/LLNS_UPL102) to change the validity end date of a section, which is of the first hierarchy level, the changes might not

Hi Guys, Latest Customs notes For the U.S. customs server ACE (Automated Commercial Environment) import customs declarations, the declaration items concern goods for which the data must be sent to further authorities called partner government

Hi Guys, Latest Note in the risk area: When deleting BOMs through program /SAPSLL/BOMHD_DELETE the program could be terminated in case a BOM couldn’t be edited and so for the other BOMs a lock problem