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..it’s because the space has had a mid-life crisis and changed its name. The top level community entry is now /community/netweaver-portal, so, for example, if you want to find recent blog posts about the SAP

If you’re like me and still getting used to the new look of SCN, here is a link that allows you to find recent blog posts in the portal space. Ok, so to find this

There are only a few ways to enter an SAP system as an end user. Once in, there are a plethora of ways to get out. I’ll discuss some of them… First let’s assume we’re

Many mobile devices have the ability to display details about where the user is located. So, why not try to capture this and present it with the ubiquitous Google map mechanism? Here’s a possible way to

Will I need 3D glasses to perform the installation? Will there be a “blooper code” area? Will there be interviews with the developers? Maybe some ads for other SAP products?

When most users launch the SAP NetWeaver Portal, they use a browser to launch it and they get a menu which might look like this:    My aim was to build a portal component that

The System Landscape Directory (SLD) is software that nowadays is effectively mandatory to install at a customer site. It is used to help Solution Manager, amongst other things. SLD has two main areas – a set

In my day to day activities I often encounter a wide variety of User Interfaces. Some are really ugly and almost impossible to navigate easily. Simple things like entering dates can provide a level of

One of the things I enjoy about being a member of SDN is getting a unique view of the SAP world. For example, I’d like to see things here that are not generally available to

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