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This Blog post documents one of my Fantasy Football teams, “Chips off the Old Block” and my lineup decisions for the weekend of Thursday, October 30 through Monday November 3rd. As a die hard Philadelphia

We all know that connections matter. A new expression is emerging, “it’s not what you know, and no longer only who you know, but what knows what.” Today, with the power of the Internet and

Remember the saying, “The only things that are certain are death and taxes?” Let’s add the word “disruption” to that quote. Every day, we see the impact of disruptive technology. Our lives have been turned

Jeanne Carboni has finally caught up to me in the “Blog it Forward” campaign. Following the Blog it Forward protocol, here is a little history and how I arrived at SAP. In the Beginning there

The Phenomenon It was born on March 21, 2006 and emerged with the words, “just setting up my twttr” from founder Jack Dorsey. Three hundred billion Tweets later, Twitter has taken the world by storm

Blogging is garnering a lot of buzz at SAP and every few days I get questions from colleagues, asking, “How and where do I start.” For those of you interested in blogging, this post is

The work-life balance is becoming more of an issue in today’s technology enabled world.  How are you at balancing your private and work life? Perhaps you are seeing some overlap.  Many of us also face

In my first SAP TechEd post, I focused on disruption and how companies can become disruptors by leveraging massive amounts of data. TechEd was loaded with content but I want to share three particular takeaways.  

On Tuesday, Vishal kicked off TechEd talking about disruption and transformation. He began with the example of the printing press, the most disruptive technology of all time, allowing the masses access to information. Other examples

I am primed for my first TechEd in Las Vegas as the SAP Cloud social media ambassador. This is a great opportunity to get the in depth scoop on what SAP is doing with the