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Happy #APIFriday! This week, we are continuing our work on our Trello – SAP Web IDE plugin by exploring some additional endpoints and adding more functionality. Here’s our schedule if you need to catch up

Tired of switching back and forth between SAP Web IDE and your task manager, like Trello, Jira, and another tool? Well today’s #APIFriday is for you! We’ll take a look at how to build a

Happy #APIFriday everyone! This week I am giving you a sneak peak of the kegerator API so you can prep to build the best app ever for Hack the Keg Barcelona. Interested in Hack the

It’s here today! #APIFriday is back and we’re trying something new today. Watch the video below for a live coding session with me on integrating the SAP API Business Hub into your UI5 app! It’s

Heading to SAP TechEd this year? Want to learn more about SAP’s UX, UI, and design products like BUILD, SAP Web IDE, SAPUI5, and many more? Here’s an tip from an insider….Check out the AppSpace

I’ve had a couple people ask me what my career path looks like to become an evangelist or what did I study, so I am here to give the dets of what my journey has

I am excited to announce that I will be speaking at the Advancing the Careers of Technical Women conferences in August! If you are a woman in tech or a supporter of women in technology,

  Using an interval is a way to refresh your data model without refreshing the whole DOM. The DOM is the Document Object Model, or the model of your webpage the browser creates. The setInterval function allows

Were you able to get your Twitter wall up and running from last #APIFriday? If not, my project can be found here: Github. A couple people noticed the CORS issue which is caused by the

Last week, I sat down with Ian to talk about the new SAP API Business Hub changes and what the latest buzz is in the tech industry. The SAP API Business Hub got a refresh