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Need to catch up? Here’s your recap below. 1: Starting at index.html 2: Adding some style with CSS 3: Get moving with JavaScript 4: What is Bootstrap? 5: Accessibility This week let’s have a chat about jQuery. jQuery is,

I want to take a break from the code focused session to talk about an important topic – accessibility. I was only recently enlightened as to how important this is at a conference I attended

Welcome back to our cosmic exploration of web development! If you ever need to review our previous stages of web development evolutions, just look here: 1: Starting at index.html 2: Adding some style with CSS

We’re back this week to explore the fundamental elements of web development before we move into more complex topics. This weeks focus is JavaScript. If you haven’t checked out my previous blogs for the trifecta

Where HTML is all about structure, CSS is all about style 😎 [If you are not sure what I am referencing, start at this blog post] CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, is our 2nd side of

So where do we begin? All the way at the beginning of time! 13.8 billion years ago, the universe was created in what is indubiously known as The Big Bang. Well maybe we don’t have

It’s #APIFriday y’all! This week I’m in Virginia, so feeling a little southern 🤠 A few weeks ago, we looked at incorporating StackOverflow data into a UI5 app that will become our Developer Profile. So

Happy #APIFriday! This week, we are sitting down with Product Manager Harshavardhan Jegadeesan. Harsh and I met up when we were in Leiwen about a month ago to talk about SAP’s API strategy for developers. He

Happy #APIFriday! This week, let’s start building your dream developer profile. With so much places to write blogs, answer questions, post code, etc, how do you keep it all together? If I have reputation on

If you have been following along with my blogs about SAP Build, you have heard from me about why I love the product, the Product Managers on some of the latest and greatest features, and