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Melissa DiEgidio

Applications from SAP, and of course technologies like SAP HANA, are often the core of innovation for businesses. Whether deploying to private clouds or moving HANA between physical and virtual servers our sessions help uncover

Over the past 10 years SAP has invested into pre-configured business packages in the context of SAP Best Practices, SAP Business All-in-One and SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions, with the main intention to reduce the entry

According to IDC research two-thirds of mid-size firms will use cloud services in 2013, compared with just half in 2012… Cloud resources have clear upsides, but it can also pose significant challenges for SAP application

In the cloud truly the customer gets it all, meaning in any data center it is always a topic of adjusting resources to needs, of having applications be supplied with sufficient capacity to run smoothly,

The emergence of cloud computing technologies allows SAP applications to be made available instantly for a fraction of normal deployment costs as a branded cloud service for private and public clouds. The same technologies are

What if you could start up a new SAP application landscape in only 30 minutes, instead of the 1-2 weeks it often takes?  And what if more effort was spent innovating your company, in turn

SAP Value Prototyping / Center of Excellence has often been called a technology forerunner, offering a one-stop service to handle the toughest customer challenges. The Center of Excellence provides the customer rapid, tangible proof that

A Virtual Appliance Factory is a library of pre-installed, pre-tested images of SAP systems and business scenarios. Using this technology, implementations that normally would take weeks can be deployed within hours in the cloud, helping

At SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando we launched the cloud based quick start for rapid-deployment solutions allowing customers to begin a project in the cloud with their own data.  SAP today offers the jump-start cloud capability for