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This is not a blog about code errors and/or best practices. It’s always great to talk about cool things we’ve made throughout our careers. But our mistakes can really push us to rethink our values,

If you’re an ABAP developer, answer me: how many times do you really read the technical documentation of a Z program you’re about to change? And for the times you did read the documentation, answer

I’ve been developing ABAP code for over 7 years now, and it amazes me how much time is lost creating documentations worth nothing. Most times projects don’t know how to properly document their source-codes. They

December is almost over, and after what was an amazing year for me both with ABAPZombie and at SDN, I got myself thinking about the main reasons why some people still thinks that they don’t

Last Friday I went to my first SAP Inside Track ever – The SAP Inside Track São Paulo 2011. I applied to present about a topic related to my first SCN blog (Usability in ABAP

I’ll start this post guiding you through a “classic” situation from a ABAPer’s daily life:   You start in a project and receive some Functional Specifications, that you must turn into good ABAP developments; After