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When we talk about mobile business-to-consumer interaction, we tend to focus on payments. But mobile is a powerful channel for businesses to interact with customers throughout their lifecycle: from marketing and building awareness to sales

In this blog, I talk a lot about mobile payments, machine-to-machine technology, the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing… We often look at each thing in isolation. But when the technology gets really exciting

Host Card Emulation Breaks the Mobile Payments Gridlock We’re likely to see the NFC payments space accelerate this year thanks to host card emulation, or HCE. It’s a technology supported by Android 4.4 that gives

In the wake of the World Retail Congress Asia Pacific that just took place here in Singapore this week, I thought I’d dedicate a post to how mobile is improving the shopping experience. I covered

For years, car insurers have figured premiums based on driving records, age, gender, marital status, where you live, and other factors. It’s a law of averages, both fair and not fair. Good drivers probably end

Mobile technology is starting to make an impact in a number of industries, including the public sector, utilities, mining, and more. A recent SAP (my employer) deployment with the New Zealand Department of Conservation (the

Donald Norman wrote in his 1998 book The Invisible Computer that at some point in the future, personal computers would cease to be one-size-fits-all behemoths on our desks, and start to disappear by being embedded


Convenient banking used to mean having a branch near your home or work that was open during times you could get there. Now it means not having to go to a branch at all. Mobile

Starbucks’ continued success with its mobile app has spurred other big consumer brands to get into mobile. It’s no wonder. According to this article on Payments Source.com, the company receives 11% of its US and

Security is a tricky business, especially as we store more personal information in the cloud, and access it with mobile devices. Passwords only take us so far. Good ones are hard to devise, even harder